Loki Miss Minutes Wall Clock

$29.99 / In-Store Pickup Only!
Find yourself struggling to keep things running on a set schedule? Maybe you need something to remind you what happens when timelines are messed with. It’s worth a shot! And this Marvel Loki Miss Minutes Shaped Wall Clock promises to be a much kinder prod in the right direction than a pruning baton. Modeled after the cloyingly sweet timekeeper, this officially licensed analog clock will have you checking the hour like it’s your eternal job. “Come on, Loki. What is it?” Add this unique Marvel Loki Miss Minutes Shaped Clock for a perfect accent or whimsical touch to any fan’s room. Featuring our favorite pop culture icons or designs, these clocks will be loved by everyone! Requires 1 AA battery (not included). Measures 13.5″ W x 11.6″H. Officially licensed.

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