Magic Tea Kettle


A strikingly beautiful 1 Quart metal teapot! The performer relates that the tea kettle was found at the foot of a rainbow and that it holds all the colors of that rainbow. He then begins to pour out various colored drinks from the tea kettle. He continues to pour and pour — even up to 15 or 20 various drinks. The real liquid comes from the kettle each time!! Then the wizard then removes the cover from the kettle. Lots of colored silks and silk streamers are produced. If you wish, one silk can be produced for each color of drink previously poured. The silks more than fill the kettle, They overflow it!! Now, the colored drinks are poured back into the kettle and shaken up. Lo and behold, clear water is poured out!. Supplied complete, fewer silks. **Note: Color of Tea Pot Varies – Our Pick Please!*

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