Maleficent Stuffed Headpiece


Out of all the witchy pets from cats to frogs and spiders, the raven is without a doubt the most useful and mysteriously familiar. Imagine having a partner that can fly anywhere from the middle of the enchanted forest to the highest ramparts of the local castle! The only thing is, ravens don’t pair up with just any-spell caster. They pick witches and fairies that exude sophistication and dignity. With shiny horns and a midnight-colored neckpiece, this headdress designed after Maleficent’s show-stopping crown will let you flaunt the energy that ravens respect and hoity-toity courtiers fear! This headpiece is stuffed to create Maleficent’s iconic horns. Covered in faux leather with a wet-look finish, it’s elegant as well as eerie. The back of the piece has a stretchy hem so that it can fit a range of heads and hairstyles comfortably. The attached faux suede neckband slides over your face and hides your neck to achieve Maleficent’s dramatic appearance, and layering seamlessly under a cloak.

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