Marvel Deadpool Character Socks


Your Feet Deserve Deadpool. Your poor, poor feet. You read that right. You haven’t been giving them the proper pampering that they deserve, have you? You’ve been gallivanting around town without wearing a pair of Deadpool socks. Your feet are ready to be treated to the luxurious experience that they deserve. Your feet want these Deadpool socks and it’s about time you gave it to them. These socks are everything that your feet have dreamed of. Or at least, they would be if your feet could have dreams—wait, can feet actually have dreams? We’re not really sure, but if they can, then they’re definitely dreaming about being wrapped up in these Deadpool socks. They’re made out of a comfortable polyester and spandex blend that will hug your feet in a warm embrace. The knitted style features images of Deadpool on the front. They’re machine washable and they help you add a little bit of the Merc with a Mouth to any outfit that you wear them with. Reward Your Feet. You can use these magnificent socks with your everyday clothes, or use them for special occasions when you want to give your feet a nice little reward for being so good to you.
Product Details
200 Needle Construction For Sharper Detail And Softer Hand.
98% Polyester, 2% Spandex.
Sock Size 10-13/Fits Shoe Size 8-12.
Officially Licensed by Marvel.

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