Masquerade Mask Silver Faun With Horns With Comfort Arms


Should Mt Olympus crumble and the gods fall from divinity, fauns will remain at the ready to safeguard the natural world! Join their ranks and strive to preserve balance by adding the Shining Silver Faun Mask to your fantasy outfit! Elegantly crafted from a hardened polyester material, this silver masquerade mask hosts a lustrous base that accentuates different aspects of the mask depending on the lighting. Two large horns project out from the temples of this fantasy mask, extending back over the head with an elegant sweep. Similar in shade to the base, braided borders line the base of the mask to accentuate the face and horns by adding an animalistic yet regal look. When worn with a masquerade ensemble or Halloween Costume, the Shining Silver Faun Mask is the best way to bring a whimsical touch to the natural world! This deluxe venetian style masquerade mask comes with comfort arms, an innovative design that makes it as comfortable as wearing a pair of sunglasses!

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