Medieval Double Wrap Belt With Frog


Belts aren’t just for holding your medieval tights and hoses up, especially not when you’re looking to arm yourself with an awesome prop sword! This Medieval Double Wrap Belt and Frog is just the thing you need to keep your blade close at hand. This medieval styled belt is a classic double wrap design that is made from brown faux leather. It features an adjustable gold metal buckle for securing the belt, as well as golden stud accents and golden D-rings that hold the faux leather strap that is designed as a loop to hold your weapon. The belt wraps around the waist twice for a great double-layered look that will keep your tunic belted to your waist and your weapon suspended from your side. The belt is sized to fit most adults. If you’re planning on carrying a light little blade or a prop sword with you this Halloween, than you might want to consider accenting your medieval look with this Medieval Double Wrap Belt and Frog, because you never know if you’re going to need a convenient place to sheath your sword…

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