Medieval Fantasy Green Dragon Mask



Great for Game Of Thrones fans! When deciding between being human and being a dragon, dragons are the popular choice. They inspire respect and fear through their mighty presence. Now you can embrace the majesty this noble creature with the Forest Dragon Half Mask! Constructed in the classic half mask build and crafted from high-quality plastics, this fantasy mask bears a striking resemblance to the fire breathing beast of legend. Delicate scale details bring a regal air to the beast in comparison to the crown of horns that sit atop its head. These prominent horns and the crisp line of scales on nose balance out the snout that extends down, creating a fast and easy way to become a creature of legend! When paired with your draconic ensemble or a mysterious guise, this dragon mask is the finishing touch to every fantasy costume! Whether for a masquerade or some other costumed event, becoming a dragon is always the preferred option. No matter the time or reason, no mask will give you the awe-inspiring look of this legendary beast quite like the Forest Dragon Half Mask!
Key Features:
Hosts exceptional draconic features
Half mask covers from forehead to upper jaw
Crafted using high-quality materials
Quick and easy way to become a dragon
Great addition to fantasy costumes
Excellent for Halloween, masquerades, theatre productions, and more

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