Medusa Poseable Snake Hat


It’s time to change up your hairstyle, and you’re having trouble deciding what to do. Although long hair looks rather impressive, it’s also pretty notorious for getting in the way of, well, everything. (Especially if even the slightest breeze comes along!) But what if your long locks had some more practical purposes? While having snakes for hair might not be a super common feature, we think there are lots of advantages! Snakes on your head give you extra limbs and a rocking style at the same time! They can do everything from intimidating your enemies to helping you eat a snack. And since they can bend anyway, you can make highly intricate serpentine styles without all that hairspray! You can rest assured that no serpents were harmed in the making of this Medusa Hat! This exclusive headpiece is made from metallic green fabric that imitates scales. Nine posable snakes with red tongues adorn the top of the hat, and it even has small pockets inside for storing essentials.

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