Mismade Flag Deluxe With A Twist


Large Mis-made Flag set WITH A TWIST! Wonderfully bright colors, great routine and a TWIST that other Mis-made Flag sets don't have! The performer drops a red silk and a white silk into a bag, forgetting the blue silk. He removes a red and white flag, missing the blue star field. He places the mis-made flag and the blue silk into the bag and now removes a red, white and blue flag-but the stars and stripes are in the wrong places! This mis-made flag is placed into the bag and, finally, a proper American flag is removed. The comedy possibilities are endless! Stage Size: Complete with three, 13″ silks (red, white, blue), three 13″ x 16″ flag silks. Instructions and routine by Duane Laflin. Change Bag sold separately.
See Video Performance Below

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