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Sponge Ball Surprise Routine as used by Stephan Batgatze!

Dick Stoner reveals, in this exciting teaching DVD, some of the Fun Magic that has kept him busy from coast to coast in Trade Shows, Conventions and on National T.V. You will see footage of some of Dick’s appearances on T.V. with real live audience reaction. Then Dick explains in detail the SECRETS, SLEIGHTS, and CLEVER ROUTINES he has developed in forty-some years as a performer. Commercial, entertain magic for close up and stand up. Fun Magic your audiences will love and long remember. GREAT TRICKS & ROUTINES PLUS THE REPUTATION MAKING ONE HAND riffle shuffle!

Professional Magic made easy with Dick’s Detailed Video Instruction!

One of Dick’s feature effects for the past 40 years, in both his stand-up act and his trade show act, is his Sponge Ball Surprise. The amazing finish is when a spectator thinks he has three 2″ sponge balls in his hand but surprises everyone including himself when he finds to his amazement that he has twenty 2″ balls in his hand. Small enough for close-up yet big enough for an audience of thousands.
Dick also includes the best method and routine for Sympathetic Silks you will ever see. You will get more laughs out of your breakaway fan and wand than ever before. A routine for kids or adults.
Dick’s rope routine combines 3 great effects into one amazingly entertaining routine with lots of great lines. Four short pieces of rope are counted and then with one cut with a pair of scissors you have one long piece of rope. Then you let the spectator cut the long rope into two pieces. Try as he may the spectator cannot cut them into two equal pieces. After many attempts with lots of laugh lines, the rope is restored into one piece. Then another knot is tied in the center of the rope, pulled tight, and then removed. The knot and the rope are both given to the spectator to assure the audience that the rope is not prepared in any way. This also plays big but packs small.
You will learn the method and the handling of the trick that Dick uses to open his trade show act.
In Fan Dancing Dick discovers a thought of card in a funny yet amazing manner.
Two of the best Poker Deals you have ever seen. The perfect spur-of-the-moment answer to the spectator’s query ” Can you cheat at cards?” You can immediately (with no setups or preparation begin your poker demonstration). You deal a poker hand to show a normal deal and then proceed to deal as though you were a card cheat. You of course win with a full house or better. Then you illustrate how you can cheat by “Bottom dealing” the four aces. Then when you deal with a challenge for them to try to catch you bottom dealing it appears you have goofed. You then turn the tables on them when you end up with a royal flush.
If these haven’t made your audience believe you are the greatest card shark they have ever seen just follow Dick’s detailed and easy-to-understand instruction on the reputation making One Hand Riffle Shuffle. Dick incorporates this impressive flourish into his Shuffle Off and Buffalo ‘Em routine with lots of laughs and the impressive finish to reveal a selected card.
True to the title of this tape “More” I Spell Magic F-U-N, you will get More Magic– More Fun– that will make your audience laugh, applaud, and ask for MORE!

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