NASA White Astronaut Boots


Finally! You’ve been dreaming of soaring through outer space for ages—ever since you were a little kid—and now you’ve been assigned your first mission, at last! You’ve completed your physical examination, you’ve logged your flight hours, you’ve passed all the tests, and you’re getting fit for your very first space suit! Cool! You’ve got everything packed and ready for launch……But wait. Hold up! You can’t go to space in those sneakers! No, no, high tops simply won’t do! You need a boot that’s made for space travel (or at least one that looks like it is, to match your costume!). You need these Adult Astronaut Boots, and you need them before the countdown finishes….10…9…8…better hurry! …7…do you still need convincing? These boots match our NASA White Astronaut costume…6…They are mostly white with Nasa & US Flag emblems and black straps that hold them in place. We can’t guarantee…5…that they will keep your toes intact on, say, Mars…4…but they certainly look fly as you blast into the party in your space suit!…3,2,1… BLAST OFF! Phew! We’re so happy you snagged this pair before it was too late! Enjoy your flight—you’ve earned it!

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