Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Skellington SunStache Glasses


Seeing the world through the eyes of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas might be a little scary. Would you see a land covered in glowing jack o lanterns? Would you see a glowing Oogie Boogie carrying a burlap sack with a kidnapped Sandy Claws inside? Or would the Pumpkin King himself be standing before you, serenading you with a beautifully sad ballad? We can't attest to any of this because when we put the Sally sunglasses on, our surroundings didn't change. We opened our eyes and we saw our bright office and not the dark and scary Halloween Town. We're not complaining tho because when we looked in the mirror, we saw Sally looking back at us! If you want to complete your transformation into Dr. Finklestein's prized creation then add these Sally shades to your ensemble. There's nothing like looking at your reflection and seeing Sally's big eyes staring back at you! All Sun-Staches provide 100% UV400 protection, because we care.