One By Sean Fields


HOT coin magic! Two coins are shown and placed together at your fingertips. As you rub them together, real smoke rises from the coins and the audience begins to see the coins melt and fuse together! Now the fused coins can be examined by your spectators and they can actually see your fingerprints where the coins have melted together.
Sean also teaches how to make an extremely simple, yet invaluable gimmick for creating smoke from your fingertips. This gimmick can be incorporated into endless close-up effects you already perform creating a much stronger and more memorable piece of magic. Real smoke can be produced from anywhere without any bulky gimmicks at all…This is worth the price of the DVD alone. PLUS – several variations of ONE by Sean Fields are taught, including:

Causing the coins to visibly come together
Using borrowed coins
Using signed coins

Plus Sean’s incredibly deceptive 3 coins vanish. 3 coins vanish, 1 at a time, visibly at the fingertips. Each vanishes is even more impossible than the last! This is a Must-Have! Gimmicked coin included. This is ONE by Sean Fields.
See Video Performance Below

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