Over The Hill Emergency Kit


Emergency! Emergency! Incontinence emergency! But what are you to do? The police, the fire department, the paramedics, none of them would be any help. Why isn’t there a 911 extension that deals specifically with incontinence issues?

Well, it’s a good thing you were prepared for just such an occasion by having the Over the Hill Emergency Kit on hand. Time to break the glass (or, the plastic, as the case may be)…

Whew. That’s much better. Thank goodness. Really thought we were going to be in trouble there, but we got to that emergency diaper just in time. I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t… well, okay, I do. And it would not have been a pretty scene.

The Over the Hill Emergency Kit comes with a large, absorbent adult diaper and a small plastic hammer to “break glass in case of emergency.” This kit makes a hilarious gag gift for any birthday boy or girl who’s getting to that age where they might need this sort of thing on hand. All the party guests are sure to get a laugh out of it. And the birthday girl or boy might not say so at the party, but secretly, they’ll be thanking you. There just might come a day where it really saves them from a tight spot…

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