Panda Bear Zoo Snood Dog Costume


Is there anything cuter than a little panda happily rolling around in a bamboo thicket? Well, maybe only one thing cuter…a puppy dressed up as a panda happily rolling around in a bamboo thicket! Now’s your chance to perhaps experience the pinnacle of cuteness…your very own fur baby in an adorable hand-knit panda costume! Not only will our Panda snood be impossibly cute, but it will also keep your dog warm and dry all year long, no matter how many bamboo thickets they roll around in! Take your snuggle game to the next level and get your pup their very own Panda dog snood. With a comfy and cozy fit and unbearably cuddly design, you may never want to let go of your fur baby! Panda Fun Fact: Pandas poop about 40 times each day. This can happen while they are eating or even while they sleep.

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