Panda Onesie Jumpsuit



Time for Bamboo & Cuddles! Bring some silly, cozy fun to your Halloween with this Adult Panda Unisex Onesie Costume. Pandas are the greatest of all bears. Great to snuggle up with and use as your Halloween Costume. The Adult Panda Onesie Halloween Costume proves just how great China’s national icon is! Pandas just make life better for everyone. And, you know what? I’m betting this sweet costume can do that, too. This item features a black and white hooded panda jumpsuit! Pandas: To know them is to love them. To know this jumpsuit is to at least love it, as well. I mean, look at how much fun this thing is! It’s a panda suit, for goodness sakes! One size fits most all adults. Perfect for both Men and Women

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