Pirate Parachute Adjustable Black Skirt


Avast, mateys! It’s time to pillage and plunder! Adventure beckons on the Spanish main. Gold coins and treasures by the trunkload await the daring seagoing thieves who brave the thundering surf and mighty cannons of their merchant prey. Muskets may fire and sabers slash, but a true pirate is never daunted in her quest for riches. Of course, in order to strike terror, awe, and maybe a little envy into the hearts of her victims, a pirate lady needs the appropriate getup. Here at Fun.com, we’ve got you covered – literally! Down a briny back alley, next to a grog shop in Port Royal (step over the rum-addled drunks), there is a secret tailor shop that specializes in outfitting only the fiercest of buccaneers. The finest, silkiest polyesters from the exotic West Indies often pass behind its dim counter, ready to be made into garb fit for a seafaring queen. For the measly price of two pieces of eight, the scarred tailor with the tattered eyepatch will create a masterpiece of style and function. You are destined to be famous as the best-dressed pirate in history! Famous lady rogues Anne Bonny and Mary Reade have nothing on you when you wear this dashing Pirate Parachute Skirt. Made of 100 percent polyester, this one-size-fits-most skirt has a comfortable braided drawstring waistband. It is lightweight, breathable, and won’t slow you down while you climb the riggings or bury a chest of doubloons. An interior ribbon ties the fabric back to transform your look from a straight skirt into a fuller flounced look – perfect for celebrating in style after pulling off a successful raid.

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