Parrot Large Plush Mascot Head

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Craving crackers? If so, it might be time to let out your inner parrot! This cool mascot mask will turn you into the popular talking bird! Just practice your parrot voice so you can chat it up with everyone all day! You could spend hours painting your face OR just put on this really awesome soft plush Mascot Head! Your transformation into a humanoid Parrot is almost complete. You have the will, you have the perfect situation – now you just need the mask. This impressive mascot head will conceal your face with a perfect softness that will have everyone wondering what they’ve just seen. Roomy and Comfortable: Thanks to the one-size fits-most design, this mascot head works great for adults, teens and even kids! It features large see-through mesh eyes. Approximately 20″ high and 20″ wide, with a 15″ opening, it is easy to slip on and roomy enough for all day comfort, even if you wear glasses. Incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable. Great to entertain, YouTube videos or just dress up. Perfect for anime cosplay, costume parties, Halloween or Christmas celebrations.

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