Penguin Deluxe Mascot Costume

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The planet may be getting warmer, but you will keep things cool with this full-body penguin costume. Great for fundraisers, parties, school functions, and Halloween, it’s sure to get looks when you walk into any room. The Penguin Plush Mascot Adult Costume can be worn at everything from school plays to trick-or-treating adventures on Halloween night. When not sliding down the Antarctic ice, you can charm friends and people at parties with your superior penguin skills, like eating raw fish and walking around with your toes pointed outward. Get ready to be comfy and cozy with this jumpsuit, attached mitts, and coordinated head with an open bill, so you can be ready to squawk at passersby. It’s probably not warm enough for you to stoically guard your nest by standing tall in a raging snowstorm, but it’s just fine for fun about town. The mesh eye holes give you a decent field of vision and the head is one unit. Penguin Mascot costume includes: Headpiece, jumpsuit with attached mitts and foot covers. Standard adult size fits up to Men’s XL.

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