Pirate Buccaneer Skeleton Keys


These Buccaneer Skeleton Keys are just the thing for any pirate to have, especially if the keys let them into all sorts of treasure chests filled with shiny plunder. And with their skull and crossbones hanger, they’re also quite pirate-y, as well. This accessory prop consists of a fearsome looking skull and crossbones emblem that features an antique, gold-toned finish. Attached to the back of the emblem is a belt clip, allowing these keys to be hooked onto a sash or belt or displayed from a wall hanger. The key ring is attached to the skull’s jaws, and it holds four plastic skeleton keys. The last thing you want to do is lock away your treasure and throw away the key, and with these Buccaneer Skeleton Keys at your side, you can keep the keys to your treasure close at hand, attached right on your belt at all times. A Fantastic Accessory for Any Pirate, Swashbuckler or Sailor Costume

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