Pirate Collar & Cuffs Set


Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate’s life for us! And what a fashionable life it is. From the ruffled shirts to the buckled boots, the rogues of the Spanish Main cut dashing figures. It’s all part of the business. Would merchant ship captains surrender so quickly to buccaneers in jean jackets and Converse sneakers? We doubt that pirates would still have their legendary swagger if they wore T-shirts rather than tricorns. The trouble is, a pirate’s life can get pretty busy, what with all that pillaging and plundering. Sometimes it’s tough finding a tailor to threaten at cutlass-point until he rustles up a decent thieving outfit. We have the perfect accessories to put the swash in your buckle. This satin collar with its lace bow and matching satin cuffs will make you the envy of fellow pirates and terrifying prey alike. The collar attaches with a hook and loop fastener, and the wrist cuffs have sewn-in elastic so that they don’t fall off when you’re boarding a merchant ship. Add them to any garb for a rip-roaring, devil-may-care effect!

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