Pirate Realistic Foam Sword Weapon Prop

$14.95 / In-Store Pickup Only!
Remember when you were a kid, pretending to have daring pirate adventures in the backyard? Anything could become a make-believe sword. Why the ordinary stick laying in the grass becomes a cutlass with a child’s imagination? A meter stick sneakily pilfered from the closet quickly became a saber. You could even conjure up a pretend weapon out of thin air. Well, these days you’re a fully functional member of adult society, so if you want to splurge on a high-quality toy weapon, well then go right on ahead. You don’t have to take orders from your parents anymore! You can get this deluxe foam pirate sword and up your piracy game ten-fold! This foam pirate sword is one glorious-looking beauty, isn’t she! Of course, it’s made of foam for safety’s sake, but it looks real enough to fool most scurvy scallywags worth their salt. You can wield it as you search for buried treasure, or as you enact scenes from your favorite swashbuckling films. Either way, it’s an upgrade from the sorry stick you used to wave around in the air as a kid!

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