Pirate Treasure Map


At least once in their life, every pirate has found themselves owning an old treasure map, although not all pirates chose to follow them. That choice is yours when you have this PirateΓÇÖs Treasure Map, which can guide you on a perfect pirate adventure. It’s no joke to say that this pirate map has it all. This map is printed to feature an aged, yellow color that helps lend it a realistic look. The map’s actual corners are straight, although curls, rips, and tears are artfully displayed on the map’s drawing. Titled as ‘Ye Olde Treasure Map’, this piece leads pirates a journey across both land and sea, all while guiding them with clever pirate limericks (which also happen to rhyme). The map measures approximately 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide. If you’re looking to go on a glorious quest, then by all means, grab your Pirate’s Treasure Map and set sail for lands unseen, so that you can claim buried treasure all for your own!

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