Pizza Slice Costume


What’s on the menu? Fun-filled crust pizza! Nothing completes the party like the Pizza Slice Adult Costume. Its cheesy goodness is guaranteed to melt your friends’ hearts. Even the Ninja Turtles will be so proud of you for choosing their favorite dish to become your costume of shame. This outfit must’ve been invented by a genius who thought of making a comfortable piece of cloth that could appeal to the senses of men and women alike. It’s gonna be a cowabunga night! Move over healthy eaters, the pizza man is here! Be everyone’s object of affection, even if just for a night, with this pizza slice-shaped tunic with generous servings of melted cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms. Oven-baked and cooked to perfection–like you. Pair this costume with some cheesy lines and see how easy it is to win the hearts of the ladies. Appeal to the senses. Includes: Pizza Tunic. Standard Size fits up to Men’s X-Large.

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