Plush Wacky Rainbow Jester Hat


Protect And Swerve:
If you’re a jester (and we’re guessing you are since you’ve landed here), then you know that all that hilarity and physical comedy comes with a price—a lot of bumps and bruises! Juggling pins fall on your head and, well, things can get a little clumsy sometimes. That’s why it’s important to invest in the right jester hat—one that will keep you looking the part but also protected from all those classic jester injuries that come with the job.

This Wacky Rainbow Plush Jester Hat does just that. It gives your jester look a lift from its fun color pattern, but the plush material will also enable you to take a few bonks without a bruise—and we have to say, the look on your face when you drop something on your head is pretty laugh-worthy! Just note: this hat is not fireproof. So if you choose to juggle anything on fire, we can’t help ya there!

This hat is a classic…with a twist! It’s the shape of an iconic court jester’s cap, with umbrella-like arms hanging overhead. But, this piece is also a total original—with its bold rainbow stripes and fluffy-plush construction—just like you!

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