Pocket Watch Steampunk Style


A pocket watch is much more than just a simple time piece. Every pocket watch, including the Steampunk Pocket Watch, is a functional accessory that enhances personal style and can reveal as much about a person as their choice of attire can. In a small way, the pocket watch is a noteworthy symbol of gentility, as the draped watch chain is a classic element of gentlemanly style. This pocket watch features an attractive vintage bronze cover that has been engraved across the surface of the piece. The watch’s cover opens to reveal a white watch face with clear, black lettering. The watch is attached to a 360 degree swiveling claps, which is attached to a bronze toned link chain that features an ‘over-the-belt’ connector. This allows for the watch chain to be attached to the belt for security, while also retaining the classic draped watch chain while the watch is placed in your pocket (your regular pocket or your fifth ‘watch pocket’). This watch is made from plastic and is not a working watch, as the hands are stationary. Pocket watches may have mostly slipped out of style in the modern world, but in the Steampunk world, they are still very much a key element of style. And when it comes to pocket watches, nothing looks better than the industrial look of the Steampunk Pocket Watch.

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