Pom Pom Trick Kovari Ali Bongo Routine


This is the ORIGINAL Kovari Pom-Pom trick with ALI BONGOS routine and instructions. Great for platform, parlor, and children’s shows. An ideal MC item. The magician shows a big orange stick that has large different colored pom-poms attached through some strings. He pulls the blue/yellow pom-poms upwards or downwards, to show how they are joined on the same string and how this slides freely through the holes of the stick. Now the real fun starts! When the magician pulls upwards or downwards the pink/white pom poms, the spectators will see one of the blue/yellow pom poms go up. The trick is repeated more times with increasing hilarity and involvement of the spectators, who will go mad in trying to find a logic of the several movements. Obviously, in the end, everyone will think that the pom poms are joined together inside the wand. To leave everyone astonished, the magician divides the wand in two showing that nothing joins the pom poms. Also includes Dick Stoner’s Do Nothing Comedy Routine. No skills are required. Suitable for any kind of audience, phenomenal with kids.

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