Pope Plush White Costume Hat


When it comes to electing leaders, no one does it as spectacularly as the Catholics. When a pope is no longer in the Vatican, all the cardinals get together in a super-secret group to decide who will be chosen to lead the Catholic church. If the cardinals vote and don’t come to a consensus, they’ll burn the ballots and send black smoke through a special chimney to let Vatican City know that the decision is still up in the air. If the 115 cardinals agree on a leader, they’ll send out white smoke to let the good news be known. You might not have been voted into a leadership position by 115 holy men but you can still dress just like the pope with this papal hat! This tall pure white hat is trimmed with a brilliant gold fabric. A veil hangs behind the crown for an extra dramatic take. The interior of the brim of the hat has a size adjuster to make sure it fits a range of head sizes. Check out our other holy ensembles to complete your papal look. Whatever you wear this hat with, you’re sure to be a blessing to any occasion you arrive at!

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