Professional Magic For Children Book

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You hold in your hands a definitive textbook on the subject of entertaining children with magic, written by David Ginn, who has made his entire living as a kid show magician for over 33 years. Originally published in 1976, Professional Magic for Children has influenced magicians and clowns around the world for over 25 years. Why? Because this book is based not on theory, but on the author’s own performing experience of doing some 400 shows yearly at schools, libraries, churches, and family venues.  In these pages, David Ginn discusses his philosophy of doing magic for children, the mechanics of his shows, and his methods of dealing with kid show audiences. Furthermore, the details over a dozen successful routines, including Instant Art, Mis-Made Flag, Clatter Box, the Snake Can, Arrowhead, Stocks of Zanzibar, Ching Soo Firecracker, Disecto, the Boy to Rabbit Illusion, and Duke’s Dye-Version, which David actually performed for a packed house at the 2004 Blackpool England Magician’s Convention. Yes, 28 years later, these routines still work and still play to entertain! A special bonus of Professional Magic for Children is David’s detailed discussion of working birthday parties, complete with a description of his two birthday party magic shows. Any magician or clown who enjoys entertaining children with colorful, laugh-filled magic is sure to relish in these pages.

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