Pyscho Surgeon Costume


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They say that a fear of doctors is irrational, but with the Psycho Surgeon Costume, all those doubts are put to rest! With the screams of his victims still ringing in his ears, this mad doctor seeks to relive each successful surgery. Crafted from fine polyester fabric, this hospital horror costume brings classic surgical attire to a new level of terror. Equipped with the sleek black apron, face mask, and gloves, you can make every hospital-related fear come true! Wear these iconic items with virtually any outfit to give your killer doctor look a personal touch. No matter the occasion, be it Halloween parties or haunted houses, a doctor always comes prepared. Be ready for your next success with the Psycho Surgeon Costume! Standard size fits most all adults.
Costume includes: Black Apron, Gloves and Face Mask.

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