Gold Metal Adjustable Jeweled Queen Crown


Rule the party scene when you crown yourself the queen of Halloween. All the kings in the land will bend the knee as you strut on by with this beautiful bejeweled accessory sitting atop your head. Don’t be surprised when you have noble knights and pretty-boy princes popping up left and right trying to woo you. Simply tell them you are married to the throne and have no time for their games. This exquisite crown is a golden color with rippling metallic details. There are faux rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and amethyst gems decorating the front end of the crown. Along with the jewels, there are also five three-inch points as well. On the backside, there is an adjustment band with pegs and holes. In order to ensure your royal forehead is comfortable, there is also foam padding on the inside of the lower edge. Heavy is the crown but that only applies to those who aren’t worthy of it. You have proven yourself more than worthy of this regal accessory. Enjoy being the embodiment of royalty with this superb crown.

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