Queen Of Hearts Crown


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There’s a saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there’s no better example than the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. This melodramatic monarch responds to pretty much every perceived slight in the same way: “Off with their heads!” We appreciate a strong-willed and independent woman who knows what she wants, even if it’s probably not the most practical or humane way of dealing with conflicts. (Can you imagine trying that if your meal was served cold, or you had to wait in a long line at the movie theater?) And we really appreciate her fashion sense, which is as sharp as any execution’s blade. The way she manages to color block those power colors of red and black is both modern and timeless. It makes total sense, then, that you want to dress up like her for your next costume party. And there’s no better place to start with a queen’s most important accessory: her crown. This Queen of Hearts Crown is covered with glitter encrusted accents and heart designs, and is perched on a satin headband mount for easy wear. It's a hairpiece fit for a queen!
Soft plastic crown has two holes an each side and tab in back
Satin covered headband is used to mount crown for ease of wearing