Rabbit In Hat Stage Size Plush Hand Puppet by Folkmanis


All the world is a stage and the Rabbit in a Hat Stage Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets is stealing your spotlight! Trust us, you should let this plush rabbit puppet be the center of attention. Here’s why. First of all, it’s a hand puppet and you’re not. This rabbit puppet can’t stick its hand in your neck and make you talk but you can stick your hand in it and make it jabber endlessly. Hopefully, you have something funny to say. Need another reason? It looks like a real rabbit and you don’t. It’s got all of the realistic markings and colors that you lack. Face it, you’re stuck looking like a human. Everyone has seen a human talk and, frankly, it gets kind of boring. A rabbit in a hat, on the other hand, never gets old. Get it? On the other hand? It’s a puppet. That’s the kind of comedy gold that you can churn out when you perform with this rabbit puppet. You’re the brains, it’s the beauty. That’s why this rabbit in a hat stage puppet needs to be in the limelight while you work your fingers to the bone backstage. As awesome as it looks, it doesn’t have a brain or comedic timing. You do! If the stage puppet fits, wear it. Listen, they say that it takes a village to raise a child. You are not a village and luckily no one is asking you to raise a child. Just put this rabbit hand puppet on and be funny. Apart, you are just a person and a puppet. Together, you’re magical!

As with the entire line of plush puppets by Folkmanis, the Stage Size Rabbit In Hat Plush Hand Puppet is durably constructed to withstand numerous puppet shows, storytimes, and the expected demands of quality playtime. These fantastic puppets are made with all new materials and meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards. This Rabbit In Hat Stage Size Plush Hand Puppet features a movable mouth and measures 8in L x 14in H x 8in W. Recommended For Ages 3 & Up.

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