Rainbow Jeweled Metal Tiara


Do you know what we think? Growing up is totally overrated. Yeah, that’s right. Adulting is dumb. Taxes? Give us a break! And don’t even get us started on having to go to the DMV, or cook healthy meals, or clean the bathroom. We miss the good old days when we were kids pretending to be knights and dragons and fairy princesses. We miss hours spent outside and someone calling us into dinner. We miss the carefree joy of youth.

Ahh. But we wax nostalgic. Fortunately, there is Halloween, when we can don our childhood fantasies and embrace the boundless joy of costumes and candy! And this Silver Rainbow Tiara? Well, it’s the perfect piece to perfect your princess costume. Or maybe you’ve got a totally creative look up your puffed sleeve—like a dragon queen. Or a royal cupcake. Or a fairy princess tennis pro. We don’t care how you wear it—just slipping this tiara on will take you back to the good old days, too! This metal tiara has plastic combs attached to keep it in place all night long. But it’s the faux gems in rainbow hues that will catch your attention, along with the delicate scrollwork!

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