Ram Horns


Are you ready to get in touch with that grisly creature that’s waiting inside you? You never know what you’re going to find when you get in touch with ancient forests. When do you need to be most careful? Be more aware when you hit the beautiful and innocent-seeming toadstool circles. But be careful, these circles of mushrooms are more dangerous than they seem! If you aren’t paying attention, you’ll get sucked into a faerie realm. It’s a cool place, that’s for sure! There are things we can’t even dream up down there. That’s where the pixies, the leprechauns, and banshees come into our world so we are intrigued by the wild creatures that stay behind. But here’s where the aforementioned caution comes in, once you’re in there it’s super tough to find your way out! Are you ready to get a little wild? These ram horns are sure to top off any wild costume in a weird way. Securing them to your head is simple with an elastic band that can be hidden under your hair. With a lightweight fit and comfortable strap, the horns can stay on all night.

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