Rap Hamster Head Paws Costume Kit

$39.95 $19.95

Rap Hamster Costume Kit. Whether you really love your Kia, or you just love Hamsters, the Rap Hamster Costume Kit is perfect for you.  This ingenious costume includes a hamster head and paw mittens. Now you can take the adorable, live size hamsters from the popular Kia car commercials, and bring them to life.  All you need is a black shirt and jeans, and Bling Necklace (sold separately) to finish up your rap hamster look.  These hamsters are the coolest guys around, and nobody will know who you are underneath the costume head, so you can use your anonymity to surprise your friends.  Go it alone, or get some friends to dress as other rap hamsters, and you'll have a rap posse that's guaranteed to turn heads at your next Halloween.

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