Red Satin Smoking Jacket Costume


When you are a studly-looking sort with a nice patch of chest hair that cannot be fully restrained but still need a comfortable look to help restrain the full potency of your charm, there are only so many things you can turn to. Of course, there is the staple sexy of a full suit. One can argue its debonair attraction, but they are also quite difficult to do, taking a wealth of time and a wealth of … wealth. Plus, how can your fans get a good gander at your chest!? There is the opposite approach: going full Baywatch and clad yourself only in a pair of swim trunks… but that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination and also requires that you have the ability to slow-motion run.

So, the natural answer comes somewhere between the perfect and sultry Smoking Jacket. This red satin jacket is the perfect combination of comfortable and easy to wear and comes with luxurious black satin accents. Able to be worn with any comfortable slack trousers… or even lack thereof if you are careful in where you are walking, the only trouble you might have is finding a moment alone!

Costume Includes:  Red Satin Robe Jacket With Black Trim  & Black Belt.

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