Reindeer Zoo Snood Dog Costume


Brighten up your holidays and get into the Christmas spirit with our classic Reindeer Zoo Snood! Your festive pup is sure to spread holiday cheer even in the snowiest conditions once they don their very own cozy set of crocheted reindeer antlers. Just be careful Santa doesn’t mistake your fur baby for one of his own, or else you may end up all alone on Christmas Eve while your pup is off dashing, dancing, and prancing along with Rudolph and the others! Our Reindeer dog costume is a holiday favorite, and makes a perfect gift for dog lovers! Quantities are limited though, so don’t wait too long before getting one, or you may end up with a lump of coal instead! Reindeer Fun Fact: Reindeer are the only deer species in which both the male and female can grow antlers.

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