Safari Hat Pith Helmet Style


Put On Your Adventure Hat:
Have you always wanted to go on safari? Watching amazing wild animals do their thing on the plains of Africa sounded pretty amazing to us too. That is until we realized that actually being there isn’t like watching a nature documentary in 3-D. If one of those animals decides you’re getting a backstage pass, there’s no way to turn it down. We heard about impalas jumping through the open window of a Jeep onto the laps of tourists to get away from a cheetah. There was a story about an elephant using a safari vehicle as a scratching post, leaving four popped tires and a broken chassis in his wake. We love the idea of a wildlife adventure. But for now, we might just stick to watching nature documentaries through binoculars for an authentic touch.

If you still think that you’re safari material, begin training by slipping this safari hat on your head. The lightweight material is perfect for a hot, sunny day on the plains. A great staple for any costume wardrobe, it can be paired with one of our safari costumes or simply worn with an adventurous-looking outfit from your own closet. There’s no reason that your safari adventure can’t start at home!

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