Santa Christmas Jingle Bells Strap


Sounds just like Santa has Arrived!
Bring some much-needed holiday cheer into your home or office by hanging these bells up by your kitchen door, in your kids’ bedroom, or in the living room. With 6 metal jingle bells, you can have the wonderful sounds of Christmas in your home! Nothing says Merry Christmas like the clear and joyful chime of sleigh bells! Having this fun decoration around your home can bring the yuletide spirit in a way you’ve never experienced! Whether you hang these bells as a Christmas tree ornament, put them in your garden, or ring them in your car, you’re going to be glad you added this item to your supply of holiday accessories. This is the perfect decorative accessory because it goes great with any and all rooms in your house. Put it on your wall by your entryway for a Christmas party, in the kitchen, on your Christmas tree, in your bathroom, or even on your desk at work. Simply find the location you feel fits best, hang it from the big gold ring, and you’ve got yourself some great holiday decor!

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