Santa Elf Hat With Ears


You don’t want to be a Grinch or anything, but…you’re kind of tired of hearing about Santa all the time. He’s all anyone’s talking about—or singing about— from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day. You’re here to say that elves do ALL the work. They deserve at least some of the credit. Elves make all those toys Santa so famously delivers. They cut and saw and sand. Heck, in the past 20 years elves have even had to learn how to code, program, and build electronics. Elves wrap all the gifts too! Those lovely parcels waiting under your tree are elf-made! Do you think Santa stays up all night measuring tape so there’s no extra hanging off the sides of your gift? Nope. No, he does not.

But here’s the thing. It’s hard to take you seriously as a spokesperson for Elf Rights when you’re so…human-looking. Here, slip on this Adult Soft Elf Hat with Ears and make your case. There! That’s much better.

This plush hat is full of Christmas cheer, with its red base, chenille pom pom, and green jagged trim. Little bells add extra festivity to the look, and the soft elf ears are perfect for an elf advocate such as yourself. The lining even has a hidden pocket for your ID or cash! Only an elf would make something so clever.

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