Scarecrow Standard Size Deluxe Costume


The hero’s quest is more than just an epic trope. It is a grand study of what brings a young and presumably unremarkable person from their common life into a realm of danger. They move through countless obstacles, gaining wisdom, confidence, and strength until they are brought against the greatest of wicked dangers. Then, they must be ready to face the villain and restore peace and harmony to the realm before being able to return to their home, a changed and stronger person. It just gets the heart pounding thinking of such epic adventures!

But, the hero doesn’t do it alone! No! Those obstacles are terrifying and tough and, usually, confusing! That’s why the hero is fortunate enough to run into a source of great wisdom… the sage who will impart knowledge and guidance to the young hero that will help ensure that the task can be achieved. And, when you’ve got a young lass from Kansas who is expected to go take down the most dangerous and wicked of flying magical witches in the land of Oz, you know that you need to have a real wise guy to make sure that the story ends right! Unfortunately, all we have is the Scarecrow. He’s not the wise sage, the potent wizard, or the kindly grandfather that we were hoping for, but at least he’s been stuck on a pole long enough to watch all those who have traveled the yellow brick road!

The land of Oz needs you… because you’re all we’ve got! Help us out with this Scarecrow Adult Costume and make sure that we can see the new dawn coming! Comfy polyester and flannel with printed patches and tactical tears will make you look like you’ve been sitting out for far too long, waiting to join in on the adventure. Elastic keeps things comfortable and bound while a rope band flannel hat makes sure the crows stay at bay. Have no fear that anyone will question you for the educated guide that you are, either, with this rolled-up diploma, proving that you’ve earned all the brains from the Wizard, himself!

This Officially Licensed Scarecrow Costume includes Shirt, Pants with Attached Boot Tops, Belt, Diploma, Hood, and Hat. Standard Adult Size fits up to Men’s XL.

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