Scarecrow Professional Retractable Up Fangs


“Default UP” Retractable Fangs are always hiding in your upper lip until you reveal them by biting down. You’ll catch humans off guard by quickly deploying your fangs from their hiding spot! SCARECROW Retractable Fangs are a huge leap forward in vampire fang artistry & mechanical effects. Fully Functional Retractable Fangs that activate for the most startling fang effect ever available for Halloween, Cosplay, film or live performance! Easy to use, comfortable to wear, talk naturally, activate or hide them when you want. From the most trusted brand, #1 in the world since 1993.

Customize over 1 molar in minutes
Actuate with a small bite of the jaw
Nothing to move or hold in place with your tongue
Speak clearly and drink cold liquids

Activation Device
Two Fang Veneers
Thermoplastic Fitting Material
Hand Sculpted Carry Case & Instructions

Installation Demo Below: