Scotch & Soda By Johnson


This Scotch and Soda coin magic trick by Johnson requires no skill. It can be learned in 5 minutes. This should be the first magic coin trick for everyone that is interested in magic. If you want to have fun, make friends and money, this is the trick for you. The coins do all the work. Put a half dollar and a copper Mexican Centavo in your spectator’s hand. Have them close their hand and put it behind their back. Then behind their back, they put one in each hand. Then you tell them you will bet them a lunch that they can’t put the small copper coin in your hand. They will bring out the coin and are surprised to see they have a quarter. They lost the bet. They bring the other coin out find it is half a dollar. It is so amazing because it all happened in their hand. Don’t forget your Scotch & Soda Book that has 50 great tricks that can be performed with this great Scotch & Soda coin trick!
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