Scream Movie Ghost Face Fleece Throw Blanket


You can always hide under the blanket if you scare easily. The awesome Scream Movie Ghost Face Throw Blanket features a huge, bold image of the iconic Scream movie Ghost Face mask on the front. This large 45″ x 60″ blanket is made out of high-quality, plushy polyester that’s not only soft and warm but ensures the longevity of the digitally printed artwork. The Scream Movie Ghost Face Throw Blanket is a must-have and makes a great gift for fans! What’s Your Favorite…Blanket for Watching a Scary Movie? Keep an eye out as we start this classic horror flick. We’ve heard that Ghost Face is scary and good at getting inside your house before you realize what danger you’re in. Fortunately, all of the windows and doors are locked and the phone is off the hook, so – Oh no!!! He’s on the blanket! Run!!! Just kidding. This Ghost Face Fleece Throw Blanket has very cool realistic graphics, but it’s better at being cozy than it is at stabbing things. You’re safe! (For now.)

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