Severed Toes 5 Piece Set Prop Decoration


In addition to skeleton decor, eyeball ice cubes for the punch bowl, and wrinkly witch hands, you’ll want to stock up on this 5 Piece Severed Toe Set. You can think strategically about how best to use them — maybe you mix them into the popcorn bowl for a truly terrifying snack experience, or you go easier on your guests and lay them out on the candy table as a kind of disgusting party favor. The point is that maybe nothing is grosser than a severed toe (maybe a severed ear), and this little set will score you big scare points this Halloween! This pack of digits comes with all 5 toes, from the big piggie to the littlest one, along with some genius detailing that really does make them look…freshly severed. Happy Halloween, Doc!

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