Shark Costume


Don’t go into the water, there’s a predator on the hunt! Sink your teeth into any party you attend with this Shark Adult Costume and be prepared to devour all who get in your way! Be the commander of the deep in this killer predator ensemble and prey on the hearts of the ladies! When the theme music sounds, that’s your cue to strike so tell your friends to beware of the shadow in the water! This one-piece shark bodysuit is the color of a sleek and deadly ocean killer. The arm fins enclose the hands for a truly shark-like appearance. The tail and tail fin will help you move through the crowd with precision and ease while the dorsal fin ensures you will look like the killer you are! Smile at the crowd through the tooth-encircled head cut out and strike fear into your competition. This shark bodysuit is also created with black shark eyes and nostrils to complete this deadly look. Standard Size fits up to Men’s XL.

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