Sheepdog Full Body Plush Hand Puppet by Folkmanis


He pants, he barks, he hunts for fleas, he wags his tail, he tilts his head quizzically, he sniffs your sleeve- and he makes your friends believe he’s real, all with your help, of course. But a hidden entrance and long fur hide the secret of your participation, so prepare to charm and be charmed by the magic of one of our most popular puppets.

As with the entire line of plush puppets by Folkmanis, the Full Body Sheepdog Plush Hand Puppet is durably constructed to withstand numerous puppet shows, storytimes, and the expected demands of quality playtime. These fantastic puppets are made with all new materials and meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards. This Sheepdog Full Body Plush Hand Puppet features a movable mouth and measures 22in L x 6in H x 11in W. Recommended For Ages 3 & Up.

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