Sifers Valomilk Creamy Flowing Marshmallow Milk Chocolate Cups


Valomilk is the original “flowing center” candy cup. Each package has two milk chocolate cups with a creamy marshmallow center. Sifer’s “Creamy Flowing Center” is made from fresh corn syrup, pure cane sugar, distilled water, pan dried (hand made) egg whites, pure Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and a touch of salt. Nothing artificial. No additives. No preservatives. This is carefully cooked, cooled and whipped one batch at a time, just the way they did it in 1931. The name VALOMILK DIP came from: V for real vanilla, ALO from marshmallow, MILK to describe it as creamy and DIP because it was hand dipped (hand made). The name for “The Original Flowing Center Candy Cup” was later shortened to VALOMILK.

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