Silver Monocle Eyepiece


Glass Up The Place.
Sick of wearing glasses? We get it. They’re so nerdy. So day-to-day. It’s time to class this 20/20 sight thing up! Do you know when vision went downhill? It was when we started wearing reliable frames. They just sit there on our faces all day without adding anything to our fancy factor. And the fancy factor is so important! Yes, they let us drive safely and read a PowerPoint in class. But we want something better for our face. Something that’ll make us feel like we can get away with walking around with a cane even though we don’t have a limp. We want our lenses to insinuate that we ride a penny farthing bicycle on a regular basis. And for once in our life, won’t someone call us Govna’? This, friends is where the good ol’ monocle comes in! You’ll get one lens on a string that goes around your neck. It won’t help you see but it’s only one lens. That’s better than two. Take it from us.

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